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Cycling Through The No-man's Land in Changtang-Part 2

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D8 - April 7th, 47 kilometers, camping at 4960 meters above sea level

I didn’t drink water yesterday and still not get any today. High-intensity physical energy consumption exceeds my estimate.  Looking at the map, there is a saline-alkali lake at 8 km to the north and  the Barebucuo Lake at 10 km to the south, but it will take a whole day to back. 

At noon, I find an ice source in the upper reaches of the tributary. Even through there is a lot of dirt in it, I still pick the ice as much as possible. I feel being saved, and start to get excited again.

D9 - April 8th, 40 kilometers, camping at 4953 meters above sea level.

The broken MP3 works today. With a good mood, I keep singing all the way. The bigger the wind, the louder I sing. Singing to the hillside, singing to the mountains, singing to the grassland, singing to the sky and the earth.

A new friend comes with me today. It stops and keeps watching me at fifty meters away.  Should i be afraid?

D10 - April 9th, 22 kilometers, camping at 4974 meters above sea level.

Awakened by the sound of rustling sand,and I felt the temperature in the tent is much higher than usual. It is snowing! A small snowstorm.

The ultraviolet rays are extremely strong and the snow evaporates very quickly. Only moving 22 kilometers on such a muddy road. Then the blizzard comes again. It's the coldest evening since entering the Changtang.

D11 - April 10th, 36 kilometers, camping at 4810 meters above sea level.

Life is such a stimulus, never knowing what will happen the next second. what I get from Changtang is more than the beauty landscape.

Arriving at Yang Lake, In the northern part of the Ali area, the western section of the Hoh Xil Mountains, the lake is about 4,800 meters above sea level. It is an important landmark of the route and one of the larger salt lakes I have seen. 

D12 - April 11th, 22 kilometers, camping at 4869 meters above sea level.

Such a gold-like sunrise is very eye-catching in the wilderness.

To be continued.....

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