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Outdoor Cycling VS Indoor Cycling

indoorcycling outdoorcycling

While riding outdoors comes with a flurry of benefits, the new train of thought in the fitness world is to work smarter, not harder — and indoor cycling is the way to go if you want to get fit fast.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of each so you can determine which form of training is more suitable.


1.Better Endurance Training

Long, slow rides are necessary if you’re planning to complete a long-distance event , so you can get used to spending hours in the saddle. Since indoor cycling isn’t typically done for more than 90 minutes to avoid boredom and burnout, it’s best to head outdoors when you want to take more than two hours on the bike.

2. Better Bike-handling

It’s the only one way to get better at bike-handling. Balance, awareness, cornering, braking and descending are all critical elements of cycling that can only be practiced on the road. Since most cycling races don’t take place on straight roads and require you to brake, shift and make decisions quickly. To be safe and confident before joining a cycling event, you’ll need plenty of practice to improve your bike-handling skills.

3. Better Socializing

Riding indoor will be a bit lonely, and while a spin class is a little better, one of the best parts of cycling outdoors is riding with others. After all, cycling is really a team sport which can help you build friendship. It also makes cycling a lot of fun.


1. Your Intensity, Your Rules

No stop signs, red lights, traffic or descents means you’ll have to pedal continuously with no built-in breaks. This makes it an ideal choice when you’ve got very little time to train during a busy work week. Setting up a training space in an area like your living room, garage or the gym makes it easy to get a quick, quality workout and return to your daily life.

2. Interval Training

Riding intervals outside requires a long climb or no stop lights so you can maintain a specific wattage or speed for a set amount of time without being interrupted. This could be hard to find, especially for cyclists living in urban areas lacking open roads and long steep climbs. New smart trainers, on the other hand, make this easy to do, and it’s much safer to do high-speed training.

3. Consistent Training

When it’s rain, snow, wind, cold weather or rising summer temps,  it’s probably not a good idea to ride outside. Another advantage to indoor training is it allows you to ride year-round, no matter what the conditions are outdoors. This allows for consistent training in a safe environment at any time of day.


If you want to get in shape and work on your speed, indoor training is a great way. But if you want to be a better cyclist you’ll need to ride outdoors..

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