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Another World-Cycing in Qinghai-Tibet Line

cycling riding

Preparation: 1) Gloves, which have a good anti-slip and shock absorption effect to relieve the pain of the wrist. (2)  Headscarf, (3) Slippers, it is recommended to wear in summer (4) Raincoat, it's best to pick a set with a separate raincoat and pants! (5)Sleeves, summer UV is scorpion venom, bring this can play a good sunscreen, (6) Satchel, (7) Shelves, best to buy a steel one instead of aluminum alloy (8) Quick-drying clothes


D1, Xining, Guangxi provenice → Dotang River, 100km. The way from Xining to Wuyuan is easy to ride. At noon, you can have lunch at Wuyuan. The scenery from Wuyuan is getting better. 

D2, Dotang river → Heima River, 114km. You can see Qinghai Lake, with the same color of the sky. There are many rapeseed flowers along the way which looks beautiful in the distance.

D3, Heima River →Chaka, 80km. The biggest challenge is the strong wind. You need to crossing over the rubber mountain which is at 3871 above the sea level. After riding downhill the mountain, you can go to Daduqiao(should be the right name) to have the dinner. 

D4, Chaka → Dulan, 130km. Crossing the Gobi all the way and riding over some steep slopes in the afternoon. 

D5-6, Dulan → Zongjia, 150km, Turning Wulan Mountain with 3808 km above the sea level.  The slope is relatively short. In Zongjia, there is only an little hotel on the roadside.  After riding 30 kilometers from Dulan, begin to ride uphill and then downhill  to Xiangri De. You can have the lunch here. To be remember to prepare food and water for next day.

D7, Zongjia →Dagler→ Golmud, 214km,  We arrived in Golmud early in the afternoon and have the dinner in Dicos.

D8, Golmud → West Beach, 128km. From Golmud to Nachitai is a relatively easy way, then cycing 38km to West Beach. You can see Kunlun Mountain.

D9,West Beach → Bu Dongquan, 53km. Turning over the Kunlun Mountain at an altitude of 4,767. After entering the valley, the wind becomes relatively strong. Feeling a bit of altitude sickness.

D10, Bu Dongquan → Wudaoliang, 88km. Riding in Hoh Xil,  you will see a lot of wild animals, including Tibetan antelopes. The road to Wudaoliang is very bad, so be careful. Then after a slope, you will have the overlook of Wudaoliang. 


To be continued.....


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  • D. Thomas on

    Thank you for sharing your bicycling.

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