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The Best Gift Ideas For The Ones Who Love Cycling

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Being a cycling lover who rides means having the perfect tool for every repair, the best layers for the weather, and the gear to make every ride exactly what he wants it to be. Whether he needs just a rest or likes exploring, these gifts are chosen to inspire them.

The items are selected by our editors without bias. If you choose from our online store, we will very glad to offer the service.



For summer days when sunscreen simply isn’t enough, this jersey features silky, ultra-lightweight sleeves to provide guaranteed sweat-proof & sun protection.

Silky-smooth and super-light, this full-zip summer long sleeve is a full-coverage jersey. Wrist to armpit vents help keep you cool by enhancing air flow and wicking sweat, while three full-sized pockets at the back hold a full day of gear as well as your phone.





Help her keep crushing during  training with these bibs. The brushed lining is cozy when the weather is cool, and the 3D Coolmax Gel Pad Quick-Dry Function at the crotch keeps her more comfortable.  Wear them with leg warmers, and it’s like donning a pair of tights. Wide shoulder straps disperse pressure, and microfiber leg bands won’t pinch.





He does not let bad weather slow him down, and these reflective rain jackets won’t, either. With Waterproof fabric and elastic band on the hem can keep the rain out. The reflective strip on the back will keep him safe while cycling in night.





MTB(Mountain Bike) gloves have come a long way - lightweight but still durable enough for cyclists' biggest adventures.

Made for mountain bikers, but just as good for roadies. 3D and seamless cut to reduce the hand rubing, breathable mesh finger surface offers great cooling performance.






With adjustable nose care, It can fit different faces, these rimless sunglasses channel the wind so that the glasses won’t fog, even at maximum rider output. 5 exchangeable Lens fit different weather situation, so they always feel “just right.” You’ll be blown away by the clarity, and the minimalist design is so light, you might forget they’re even on. 

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